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Arduino Nano 3.0 ATMEGA328P USB-C Clone

Arduino Nano 3.0 ATMEGA328P USB-C Clone

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This is an ATmega328P based Nano 3.0 board. It is similar to the Arduino UNO but in a much smaller and breadboard compatible board.

The board has a USB-C Connector to connect it to your computer and has an on-board 5V regulator.

Product Contents:


  • 1 — Nano 3.0 board with ATmega328P
  • 2 — 1×15 male header
  • 1 — 2×3 male header (ICSP header)


  • Breadboard friendly with pin spacing of 2.54mm (0.1″)
  • On-board LEDs to indicate power, TX, RX, and D13
  • A manual reset button is included on the board
Microcontroller ATmega328P
Operating Voltage 5V
Input Supply Voltage USB-C or 6-12V on VIN
Digital I/O Pins 20 (including Tx, Rx, D2-D13, A0-A5)
Analog Input Pins 8 total (A0-A5 can also be used as digital I/O pins)
I/O Pin DC Current Capability 40mA
Flash Memory 32kB
Clock Speed 16MHz
Dimensions (Excluding Pins)
Length 44.8mm (1.76″)
Width 17.6mm (0.7″)
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